Battle of the Somme 1st July 1916

Theipval-2-EDIT-2-web99 years ago today the Battle of the Somme commenced and led to the worst casualties ever suffered by the British Army in a single day. Between 56,000 and 66,000 men were killed, wounded or missing at the days end.

Of that number 20,000 were killed.

To give some context in 2001 the population of Cheadle was given as a little over 12,000 people.

Four of our men were killed on the Somme, Charles Allen (12/8/16), Isaac Hammond (31/8/16), George Price Bevans (8/9/16) and Thomas Clowes (16/10/16). Research to date reveals that none  of these men were involved in that first days attack.

All bar Thomas Clowes have no known grave and are commemorated on the Thiepval  Memorial on the Somme along with the names of over 72,000 men from Britain and South Africa who also have no known grave.

We will feature these men in the coming weeks.