The Survivors of World War One – Who Were They ?

2014-09-21 memorabilia 4 photosOne aspect of the project that we have wanted to do is to try to list all those men who served and survived the war. Some say they were the lucky ones but many came back will both physical and mental scars.

The dead men are easy enough to research, there are monuments to them and they were often in the paper or known about locally over the generations. However many did not talk about their experiences and their names were lost as they passed on.

Using a number of resources we have drawn up a list of at least 103 men with links to the village who served and survived the war.

Some we have quite a bit of information on, men like James Millward, Arthur Carr and brothers Frederick and Ernest Capewell, others as you can see from the list below are just a name and an initial.

Sadly we do not have the capacity to devote as much time as we have to the 28 men who died during the war but we will do some research to try and give a full name and a regiment where possible.

If anyone has information on these men here or indeed on anyone who served from the parish and is not listed here  then we would welcome any information regardless.

Please do bear in mind that this is far from a complete list as in 1918 the Rev Mayne stated that somewhere near 150 men had served on active service with more in training.

With the 28 men and the list below we have 131 so there is upwards of 20 plus men absent from our research.


Rank 1st Name 2nd Name Surname
1 William Adams
2 Charlie Alcock
3 Rupert Alcock
4 William Baker
5 James Barker
6 Private Joseph Barker
7 J H Beardmore
8 Frederick Bettany
9 Wilfred Harrison Bentley
10 Gordon Billings
11 Horace William Birch
12 Horace Birke
13 Joseph Bloor
14 Samuel Bold
15 James Frederick Booth
16 Harry Booth
17 Thomas William Bradshaw
18 W J Bradshaw
19 Charles Bridgett
20 George Shaw Bridgett
21 Edward Bromley
22 Percy George Bromley
23 George Buckett
24 George Burnett
25 Gunner Arthur Campbell
26 Private Ernest Capewell
27 Frederick Capewell
28 Fredrick Carnwell
29 Private Arthur Carr
30 Lewis Chell
31 Harold Coates
32 Frederick Cope
33 Francis William Critchlow
34 John Abraham Edwards
35 Basil Ferriday
36 Thomas Bennett Ferriday
37 Joseph Forrester
38 Driver Earnest W Gibson
39 George Gibson
40 Thomas William Gibson
41 William Gibson
42 Frederick Arthur Goodwin
43 G Goodwin
44 J Goodwin
45 William Allen Goodwin
46 Driver E Gibson
47 T Gibson
48 Willie Roy Griffiths
49 Charles Hall
50 L/Cpl George Hall
51 James Arthur Hall
52 George William Hammond
53 George William Hammond
54 James Hammond
55 John Hammond
56 Ralph Hammond
57 Reginald Hammond
58 Thomas Hammond
59 C B Harrison
60 W H Harrison
61 Albert Abraham Hathaway
62 Edwin Holland
63 Charles Hulland
64 Charles Johnson
65 Fredrick Johnson
66 Stephen Johnson
67 William Johnson
68 H Mellor
69 William Millward
70 Alfred Millward
71 Bertie Millward
72 James Milward
73 George Moseley
74 John William Moseley
75 Frank Gilbert Nadine
76 Lewis Nicklin
77 Fred Owen
78 Herbert Owen
79 William Arthur Owen
80 William Earnest Pawson
81 Private Paterson
82 Earnest Pegg
83 Frederick Rowley
84 George Edmund Salmon
85 C Seabridge
86 Frank Shaw
87 Arthur Smith
88 Seaman A B Smith
89 John William Smith
90 T R Smith
91 William Smith
92 Earnest Stoddard
93 Thomas Stoddard
94 J Thompson
95 William James Thorley
96 John Welford
97 Jessie Weston
98 Charles Richard Whieldon
99 E Whitehurst
100 Rifleman E Woodward
101 T Wright
102 Stoker Derwent Wardle
103 Richard Enoch Wood