All the Kingsley Men passes 200 ‘sales’

The project team are delighted to announce that over 200 books have now found homes in return for donations of more than £750.

If anyone wishes to have a copy in return for a donation please do make contact.

As a result of the book launch, we have now sourced photographs of Joseph Tideswell, Frank Shaw, Enoch Wood and Roland Beardmore. They will be shared in due course. Another survivor has been identified (William Wood) and we have two more possibles that we are working on at present.

We have also sourced photographs of several men who are believed to have Kingsley connections but we don’t know who they are. It’s highly likely that these same photos are in albums and picture frames in people’s homes. These men may be already subjects in the book or possibly not but we would very much like to know who they are.

If you know who they are please do contact us via this site.

The feedback on the book has been very heartening. A selection of reviews are as follows:

“an excellent book that is a well-deserved result of all your hard work”

“The book is wonderful & I am so looking forward to reading it. We went to the war memorial & the church & it has really inspired us to look further into our family history”

“What a book!   It is excellent.  Well put together and I was really impressed by George William Hood, my Great Uncle, on the level of information that had been found since you first started.  It was great.”

“You have done a first class professional job on the book which is excellent.”

“thank you, both for all your hard work researching the book.”