Project Team Attend Cheadle Remembers

The project team were delighted last weekend to showcase some of the work we have been doing at the Cheadle Remembers event.

Due to both space and the sheer volume of detail we have unearthed during the project only a sample of our work was displayed but it was well received.

On display were a sample of photographs of the men we featured along with before and after pictures of the war memorial.

We also had the opportunity to see for ourselves the work done by the Cheadle team and to meet like minded individuals like Levison and Janice Wood from the Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook Historical Society who gave us some tips on research and we hope to reciprocate as regards Heritage Lottery Funding.

We would like to thank project team member Pat Nutt who brought all her skills in arranging displays  to ensure our research was displayed in an organised manner.

Pictured below is the display at the event.

IMAG1215 IMAG1220